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Welcome to the SPARQLViz project page. SPARQLViz is a plugin for IsaViz, a program of W3C developed by Emmanuel Pietriga.


01-10-2006 - At this moment Jethro Borsje and Hanno Embregts are working on a project related to classifying news items with respect to concepts in an ontology. The application, which is under development, should be able to visualize the concepts and enable the user to select concept which are of interest to him. Based on this concepts of interest, the program should then extract the relevant news out of the ontology in which they are stored. A screenshot of this program can be seen at the right of this news message.
More information about hits project, which is called Hermes, can be found on the project page of the project.

Website updates

Date Update
2006-12-21 Roadmap updated;
Downloads moved to SourceForge project page;
Website moved to SourceForge project page webspace;
Developers page edited;
Bugs page edited;
2006-06-08 Roadmap updated;
JavaDoc of version 2 added;
Version 2 download added;
Converted all existing downloads from rar to zip.
2006-03-30 Seperate roadmap page added;
Roadmap for version 2 added.
2006-03-07 Downloads added;
API docs updated;
Resource section updated.
2006-02-23 Downloads added;
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2006-02-20 Roadmap updated;
New class diagram added.
2006-02-06 Fixed some spelling errors;
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2006-02-03 Added developers section;
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2006-02-02 Placed this project page online.